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Our Vision

We thrive to make Augmented Reality easy to use and help travelers in unfamiliar environments.

Some History

Due to the success of the OttawaGuide application in the apps4ottawa contest, founders Ekwa Duala-Ekoko and Pablo Duboue decided to work together and expand the concept to other Canadian cities. An iPhone version is also in the making.

Why Smartphones?

We focus on smartphones due to their explosive growth in the last few years:

This year, for the first time ever, smartphone sales overtook sales of computers. And we are not talking about just laptops. The sales of smartphones were more than the collective sales of desktop computers, laptops and netbooks put together. That is a ridiculous number of smartphones sold.

Source: The Express Tribune: Smartphones conquer the PC: The king is dead, long live the king, published February 24, 2011

Canada is not oblivious to this growth and smartphones (especially the ones based in Google's Android operating system) are making strides on the Canadian public.

Why Tourism?

According to Statistics Canada, external tourists resulted in 18B CAN$ in the year 2000 with a total Tourism GDP calculated in 22B CAN$ (which accounts to 2% of total GDP of the whole country in the same year, to put the percentage in perspective, 1% of the GDP is equivalent to the total military spending of Canada). Moreover, in the same year, almost 50M inbound non-resident visitors arrived to Canada, quite a feat for a country with 30M inhabitants!

Our products are available as a free download through the different application marketplaces of the respective platforms.

Canada Guide Logo

Canada Guide

Our flagship application

Looking for where to eat, shop, or play in a city or town in Canada? Nearest gas station, hotel, Tim Horton's, Wal-Mart, banks, ATMs, etc. Or just searching for the beautiful landmarks and attractions near by? Canada Guide gives you location-based access to all these and more: access to all the businesses from Yellow Pages, and all the landmarks and attractions in Canada. Canada Guide combines both augmented reality and location based technologies to provide you with a fun and rich experience of every city/town in Canada.